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timex heart rate monitor trainer 5D741

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Timex 5D741 Midsize Heart Rate Monitorview a larger image of the timex 5F001 Heart Rate MonitorMID Size Wristband 5D741 Timex Ironman Triathlon Wristwatch and Heart Rate Monitor - color as shown at left

This Timex Ironman Triathlon Heart Rate Monitor is packed with the all of the features that runners have requested from Timex over the past few years.

About the Watch - Features

  • Indiglo night-light with Night-Mode feature
  • 100-hour stopwatch
  • 2-line display with flipping system for easy reading
  • 100-hour countdown timer
  • Alarm with 5 minute back-up
  • Month/day/date with 12/24 hour time Double-shot polyurethane strap
  • Watch battery life up to 3 years under many conditions
  • Watch is water resistant to 50 meters

About the Heart Rate Monitor - Features

  • Target Zones allow you to preset your desired heart rate exercise zone. Alarm notification when you are not in zone.
  • Average Heart Rate displays your average heart rate over a period of time.
  • Time In Zone displays the amount of time spent within your selected heart rate target zone.
  • Maximum Heart Rate Zone Calculation automatically sets your five training zones, three manual zones settings.
  • Calories Burned computes calories burned.
  • Recovery Heart Rate Timer allows you to measure your recovery heart rate.
  • Max Heart Rate Zone Calculation automatically sets your five training zones; one manual zone setting.
  • Plus, Timex's Digital Transmission system protects your data from other heart rate monitors and most exercise equipment.